4) Can one practise and yet develop social and human experiences?

Love, the gift of oneself, the gift of everything, to the other one, to the others, is it the foundation of life? Or then life, true life, it is to follow you, to listen to you, to go there where you are? Because if we experiment this life of summer camp in autumn camp, indeed in the warmth within the community, life given rhythm by the seasons,...

Is there anything to expect from the practice or not?

Is it fair to say that when you tell people not to expect anything from Zen practice, this is to prevent the destructive effects of anticipation and expectation? Surely, once this is achieved there is some real benefit, though I can understand that perhaps you see it as futile, or counterproductive to express this real benefit to people in any ...

I would very much like to know how to control my emotions.

I am recently practicing meditation and when I have seen your site, I find it really super but the answers that you give to the questions leave me puzzled ??? I would very much like to know how to control my emotions. I have a job which asks for a lot of patience and self-control and lately I worked while being sick. That is not easy but I know ...

I am confused and saddened, practicing zazen makes me feel better, but i can not practice all day, what am I to do ?

I am confused today, and saddened. I have observed myself through the stagesof the development of this sadness. Many times i have seen this repeatitself. But i do not see the way to break the chain. Practicing zazen makes me feel better, but i can not practice all day, i must work. I can see no answer other than to just not care anymore and face...

Which path?

I want to become a buddhist monk, but i do not know which path to choose, how do I know which one of the buddhists schools is the rigt one for me, Kosen?

Is there a reality that is not emptied out?

Is there a reality that is not emptied out? Is that what people mean by God? I die and the world dies. It is reborn (as Am I) in the same moment. My own teacher (Soto Zen/ White Plum lineage) is traveling and so I ask you. When she returns, I'll ask her.

My future religion.

My name is Laury, I am 12 years old and I would like to get information a little more about my future religion. I would like to know what is Buddhism because I seek a way and I would like to be a little better informed on this one. Please answer my request, that would help me enormously. Thank you for your understanding

Spiritual pride.

Our person in charge of the group is beginning to show the symptoms of an alarming disease, spiritual pride, and wants to educate with grind rules and conferences, while leaving us a little between a rock and a hard place (we are the two who have more experience than the rest of the group, therefore being able to see this kind of game, ...

Is there an environment which is best for zazen?

Hello, I am student in architecture at the University of Idaho. I am doing a research about meditation. What interests me, is the type of environment that is appropriate particularly for the practice of zazen. I would like that you give me comments on this subject, or recommendations of specific books which deal with this particular problem. ...

What would be the action in a zen society ?

Good morning! I am not especially interested by money or power on the other people; I have no political vocation - anyway, money is in process to win; I know that I will die one day - tomorrow or later, and I try to love the ones I love without succeeding in it the way I would like to (well, a bit like everybody I guess). If I tell you all ...

When I reflect on the number of hours during which I should still practice, I feel overtaken and it looks impossible to me. Does it create a wrong energy ?

I have been meditating some years, but without the Buddhas instructions in mind. Several months ago I realized the potential in this meditation and began to practice as I have read about. (I have never received any formal instruction). I have been so happy with what is taking place I am afraid that I will become complacent with my new happiness ...

- You are my successor!

Abrupt mode: instantaneous and progressive mode: which takes time and maturation. Question: Don't you think Master Kosen that as a Soto Master, it is possible for you to say to somebody whom you see for the first time in your dojo, for his first zazen, somebody who would not be perhaps even ordered, it doesn't matter his age or his sex, and to ...


Hello Master, In a previous mondo, you recommend alternating the crossing of the legs during the practice of zazen to balance the body. Why not also reverse the mudra? (left leg on right / left hand in right, right leg on left / right hand in left) Master Dogen seems to insist that only the left leg should sit on the right one, the left hand...


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During seventy years my sins Filled up the entire universe I brought this body up to the highest It goes now back down to hell Oh! I have nothing to say About life and death.


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