My name is Laury, I am 12 years old and I would like to get information a little more about my future religion. I would like to know what is Buddhism because I seek a way and I would like to be a little better informed on this one. Please answer my request, that would help me enormously.

Thank you for your understanding

Answer from Master Kosen

You see Laury, we must create our own religion, our world from childhood is very important because it is at this period that we are close to the dream and that we dare to be caught for a princess or a knight or a magician, the true religion is to become truly our dream from childhood. That is the vocation of the adulthood, to make our dream real, but many fail to do it. Do not worry you, I know many children who can already do that better than the grown ups, they know that they are them the gods and the heroes of the story and they know how it goes. In the religions they always did evil, made wars, politics and judging the others, you are told what is necessary to believe, and you are told that you are not a god, but a slave, a culprit, a patient; lies!
The religion that I like is the one where we are all gods of the Buddhas of the geniuses and where we can eat plenty of chocolate without being sick, where everything, absolutely everything is possible, where we are calm and happy. It is that what I want and not another thing.

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