In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.


I've learned by getting interested in zen that the ego was an illusion from the mind, because it was deluded that phenomenon are separated. But phenomenon are interdependent. And you answered a visitor who asked about how he could abandon the ego, that he should totally integrate it. But if I integrate the ego, I integrate the illusion ...


Why do they say that any action we carry out, even in secrecy, echoes throughout the universe? Is this an assumption or a dogma?


Is it so important in Zen to know the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha about the four Noble Truths and how critical is it to know the noble Octuple Path and its application?The question may seem silly but I would like to know. Does Zen, like other branches of Buddhism, take into account teachings or is it solely concerned with ...

Freewill and destiny?

Since I was a little boy, I have always been intrigued by the metaphysical problem of freewill and destiny and have after a very long reading process realised that Western philosophy can never help me understand the truth to this most fundamental paradox. Many people believe in absolute freewill and yet others say we have no freewill whatsoever,...

Abandoning the body and the spirit.

I wanted to know what you understand for "abandoning the body and the spirit". Is this to forget your body-spirit? It seems to me that in one of your teachings you say that in moment it is necessary to forget the body! But then, to return to this body, constantly, as we are recommended in the soto Zen, is this just a first step before the "big ...

Saint, either as awakening, doesn't exist ?

When girls treated St Francis of Assisi as a saint, he used to answer: I am not a saint, I could make you a child. For me, it is a koan, and my interpretation is that holiness, just like awakening, do not exist. One who claims to be awaked, can he be sure of his reaction facing the death of his/her child, the news of a cancer, its own death or ...

"The 8 satori of the Great man."

I've read the comments of Master Dogen on "the 8 satori of the Great man". I can establish a correspondence with the eightfold path, except for "CHISOKU", the SATISFACTION OF WHAT IS. Which relationship is there with the right action?Should it be understood that ONE has simply the fruit of the last actions?Is CHISOKU the recognition of the karma...

Teachings of Nichiren.

According to the teachings given by the monk Nichiren Daishonin, it is said tha through the invocation of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (essence of the lotus sutra "Myoho Renge Kyo" in japanese)in front of the Gohonzon which is a mandala that reflects the state of life of the boudha one can develop a superior state of life, rising the vital energy and so,...

Are there levels of understanding?

Going through Zen education, certain texts and comments are simple and concise, while others are more elaborated to understand, even complicated. Are there levels of understanding, and these teachings are really different? My respects

Certain questions remain unanswered.

I’ve recently started practising Zazen (a month ago) in the dojo Zen of Toulouse. I also meditate alone at home. Certain questions remain unanswered. I need a guide I believe who could answer some of my questions. How can I become disciple? Yours sincerely,

The concept of the Observer.

Hello, During the sesshin of this summer in Catalonia, you talked about a feeling similar to that when we discover we have been practical joke with a hidden camera. After the first laughter, at the time of the kusen, I wondered about this analogy and I intuitively thought of having the feeling of it with what you wanted to refer to. On the ...

My future religion.

My name is Laury, I am 12 years old and I would like to get information a little more about my future religion. I would like to know what is Buddhism because I seek a way and I would like to be a little better informed on this one. Please answer my request, that would help me enormously. Thank you for your understanding

Spiritual pride.

Our person in charge of the group is beginning to show the symptoms of an alarming disease, spiritual pride, and wants to educate with grind rules and conferences, while leaving us a little between a rock and a hard place (we are the two who have more experience than the rest of the group, therefore being able to see this kind of game, ...


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