In 1999, the Kosen Sangha of Argentina acquired a deep valley on the hills of the Uriturco, the highest mountain of the province of Cordoba. Surrounded by legends, and well known in the world Ufology, it is the old sacred land of the «Comechingones» native Indians. Since many years it attracts, all the peoples looking for spiritual experiences.

Dojo of Shobogenji zen temple, in ArgentinaThe place where the temple rest is named «Ojo de agua», because a pure mineral water river flows there , coming from a reservoir in the shape of a large eye. Abandoned for a long time , this paradise have a luxurious vegetation and a diversified flora, in which we had to find and create our space.

The land occupy both sides of the narrow valley, and essentially consist of unpenetrable rocky slopes. It offer many different landscapes: sometimes large convivial spaces, sometimes dense jungles, mysterious and menacing, sometimes little shaded corners that invites to contemplation.

Lots of people come here searching for UFOs. They wait all night at the feet of the Uriturco, waiting, waiting but no UFO!

For a farmer, the river is the most magical thing here. And it’s true. This water have a charm, a sweet feminine spirit.

When we arrived there in 1999 to practice the first one month summer camp, we had nothing but simply our zazen practice. We chosen to use the resource we had to build our temple, little money but a big working capacity and faith in Master Deshimaru treasure. We builded a kitchen with a wood stove, a refectory, a dojo of more than a 100 square meter( photo on the left), hot showers fed by a well, an ecological bathroom, a little house for Master Kosen, a workshop, a small dormitory and redesigned in terrace a part of the land.

Actually every year we practice, between January, the summer camp of south hemisphere.

«Even if the work and research which a realized at the Shobogenji temple are the perfect antithesis of the research we do in the virtual world of internet, our ideal would be to make them connect together. I mean by this, to make penetrate life and reality (this is to say the spirit) in your computer. To make understand that our day to day reality (our ordinary world)is nothing else than the screen of our consciousness and our karma. It is ours now to process the merging required.»

Maître Kosen

On the days and times shown below, the Dojo is opened for the practice of Zazen. Zazen lasts around an hour and a half. We ask you to arrive 10 minutes in advance to prepare yourself for Zazen.

Tuesday07:30 19:00
Wednesday07:30 19:00
Thursday07:30 19:00
Friday07:30 19:00

Beginners' course in the practice of Zazen

The beginners' course takes place each Sunday, 10:00

During the beginners' course, you will be shown the different sorts of meditation exercises which are traditionally practiced in an authentic Zen Dojo : Zazen, Kin-Hin, Sampaï, Gassho.

You will be assisted in the practice of these various exercises by zen monks or advanced practitioners. You will also learn about proper behaviour and attitude in a Dojo during meditation.

The course lasts 45 minutes and is followed by a 1 hour Zazen. This is free of charge. No need to register in advance. Just dress in loose fitting, dark clothes.

Iniciacion a la práctica de  zazen sábados y domingos 10hs.   Los fines de semana hay actividades optativas desde el 1 de noviembre hasta el 15 de diciembre  para los que quieran pasar el día sábado hasta el domingo   Yoga: 13 hs. Almuerzo 14 hs Taller de masajes 16 hs Paseo por el templo y descanso Cocina Zen : 19 hs.   Todas las actividades con alojamiento y comida incluidos hasta el domingo al mediodia $ 100.-

Address : Paraje Ojo de Agua, a 5km de Capilla del Monte Capilla del Monte, Córdoba. ARGENTINA

In autocar

From the central bus station « retiro» de Buenos Aires, there are very comfortable buses direct to Capilla del Monte. The trip take 12 hour, it’s possible to travel by night in quite comfortable buses, with beds or inclined seats. Once in Capilla del Monte, take a cab for 5 km to «Ojo de Agua».

By plane

There is daily flights from Buenos Aires to Cordoba. Many European flights companies also offer flights from Europe to Cordoba. It’s possible to take a cab from the Cordoba airport to Capilla del Monte(1h30), or only to the central bus station and then take the bus from Cordoba to Caplla del Monte ( roughly 5-6 hours overall).

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Address : Paraje Ojo de Agua, a 5km de Capilla del Monte Capilla del Monte, Córdoba. ARGENTINA

Tel. : 03548 15 53 05 09

Website : Shobogenji zen temple

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