In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Ego or personality?

Ego or personality? zazen? ego = prison, personality = freedom? Can we recognize what is it that concerns the personality and what concerns the ego?gassho

"Here and now."

In Zen, it is often heard to return to the "here and now". I perceive "now" like the timless interval between two seized thoughts. The thoughts which emerge we have to only let them pass. The is spirit stripped?I have more problems with the "HERE", although it must be rewarding to be concentrated in the body, with the buttocks on the zafu. It ...

The western culture is not compatible with the Zen philosophy.

The western culture is not compatible with the Zen philosophy because we inculcate us to plan the future and besides, today, materialism is acceptable. How to change really in these conditions? In other words, it is not an illusion to think one can practice zazen correctly in these conditions?Answer: I do not think, I practise

Is 'chi'a real energy?

Is 'chi', which internal martial artists speak of, a term referring to a real energy (as many believe), in the sense that gravity or light is a real energy, or is it better understood as a figurative term; a concept that allows artists to better coordinate their bodies? I was wonderingwhether one who has access to meditative states might be able...

What is "Mu" ?

My understanding of 'Mu' is that 'Mu' is 'not what it is', and yet it means 'nothing'. Therefore if I say aloud 'wave' I am correct, but if I say 'Mu' aloud I am wrong because one cannot speak of 'Mu'. Am I 'right', 'wrong', or 'Mu'. If so how do you know?

What makes man superior to the other species?

When the nature of any species is to expand until it meets the limits, and man also is this kind, but it can use its brains to ignore these natural limits. This is called intelligence. So man seem to continuosly want more, expand itself into the infinity, and the majority of our mental capacity is used to solve this problem; how to fulfill all ...

What definition for mushin ?

Good morning Stephane, happy to have found you back! Sempai to the monk Kosen sensei. What definition for mushin ? How to practice shin jin datsu raku ? Gassho! Jean Pierre Bignon.JpbBign

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If after five, ten, twenty years of practice you do not reach the awakening Then cut my head and make an urinal with my skull.


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