Is 'chi', which internal martial artists speak of, a term referring to a real energy (as many believe), in the sense that gravity or light is a real energy, or is it better understood as a figurative term; a concept that allows artists to better coordinate their bodies? I was wondering
whether one who has access to meditative states might be able to determine this once and for all. Actually, I suppose there are other things the term might refer to, like a way to tune into an opponent's thoughts. I am only a beginner trying not to get sucked into any superstitious hoaxes - please help to solve the controversy

Answer from Master Kosen

Chi is a real energy like light or gravity but you seem to make a difference between the physical world and the spiritual world. You are convinced that the light of your lamp does not have any relationship with the light of the spirit but they have the same source, absolutely. You seem to think that only the human being is likely to have a spiritual dimension whereas any life is spirit and even perhaps also any matter.

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