What is non-fear ?

What is non-fear of death ?

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Answer from Master Kosen

There is a zone of the central brain which is called " scientific name: nucléus caudette (Balance security / fear functions of what’s known in the “yellow box”. It manages the sympathic and parasympathic systems.

sympathic: feeling of security, digestion, energy in the center of the body for its repair (mélatonine)

parasympathic: fear, energy in the extremities of the body to run away, to run, to defend itself (adrenalin)

It thus manages two feelings, which are the fear and the enjoyment. This nucleus passes on the piece of information under chemical shape in our cells and this info is passed on in all our body.
Generally the brain, this magnificent machine which serves us for concieving and even for creating the reality in this material world, and beyond, likes what it already knows, but has a chronic refusal in front of what it does not still know.
For that reason, if you make taste to a young child something that he has never eaten, he will say first of all that he does not like it, then if you assure him that it is good and that it looks like something that he already knows, he will agree to eat it and when he will be used he will take the same pleasure there.
For that reason we do not like the death because we do not know it.
We were educated in the fear and the fault from a long time, but, to go out of this limited knowledge frightens us, then we prefer to live in the ignorance and the superstition.
The non-fear means, to create its life rather than to undergo it, being free, just like the creative god. It is there, the purpose of the religion and the life.

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