When the nature of any species is to expand until it meets the limits, and man also is this kind, but it can use its brains to ignore these natural limits. This is called intelligence. So man seem to continuosly want more, expand itself into the infinity, and the majority of our mental capacity is used to solve this problem; how to fulfill all our desires, and how to want even more. All this "development" is leading to extinction of other species, and from the pessimist's point of view, eventually to the extinction of the man itself. So, what makes man superior comparing to others, when our actions nowdays seem to be less and less reasonable?

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If man realizes his true nature, he is superior to the other animals due to his consciousness and intelligence. But this consciousness specific to mankind has two sides. It becomes harmful for him and turns over on him, if he cannot wake up to his true vocation of human being.

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