I would love that it is only a question of one childish vision of my part. Regrettably.

If the disciple teaches the Master so often, all the disciples are Masters and all the Masters of disciples.

Then why are there so few shihos?

Thank you

Answer from Master Kosen

In the Zen of Deshimaru, which is the one that I have been practising for a long time now and which is radically different from the Zen of the sotoshu, to receive the shiho is very rare and very important.
Furthermore, the buddha teaches that there are two forms of progressing in Buddhism, which both have their importance.
The abrupt form, and the progressive form.
The first one is instantaneous, the other takes time and maturation.

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The attachment to the Master.

I met in a sesshin people who followed a Western Master, panicked at the thought of being separated from him, losing it or being rejected. Eventualy, they've found a new family and a new attachment... which is reinforced with time; is it an insoluble contradiction!! It is annoying, isn't it?

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