Did it ever happen to you to have made a question to your Master, Master Deshimaru, which make him angry or to which he wanted to give you no ther answer but silence? If so, which one?
Thank you

Answer from Master Kosen

He always wanted me to ask him questions, to do what he called "Mondo theater" and I did not stop myself, I always had questions to make and if he were still here, I would still have questions to make him.
Once I asked him; "Master because you are a Buddha and because you are awakened and because this world is the emanation of your own spirit, why is it so imperfect? ".
He said to me: - later you will understand...
And then, one day, I read in a sûtra that Sariputra had asked the same question to his Master, the Buddha Shakyamuni, and I got the answer.

Mondo On the same theme : Relation Master-Disciple

The attachment to the Master.

I met in a sesshin people who followed a Western Master, panicked at the thought of being separated from him, losing it or being rejected. Eventualy, they've found a new family and a new attachment... which is reinforced with time; is it an insoluble contradiction!! It is annoying, isn't it?

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