Is it a true Master Kosen that you were reordered by Maître Deshimaru a few years after the first ordination by himself?

Wasn't this to disavow your fundamental vow, to doubt of your first ordination?
Thank you!

Answer from Master Kosen

Of course not, at the time of my first ordination we were a whole band of buddies from childhood: Bernard, Katia, and me, we’d known for a long time, and he said to the three of us: you must become monks!
It was very important for him and its Sangha to have young people like us, what a chance!
We said quite bitterly: yes-yes-yes
And some time later, I asked him on a purely personal basis to reorder myself, as now it was me who asked for the ordination of monk humbly, it was indeed a certification on both sides of our engagement of Master and disciple.

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