Thank you for this mondo on the Internet, from time to time I read this mondo and I find that very well.

I have a question (excuse me for the "direct" tone): I have just thought that in fact, to find your Master as it is said, isn't this simply to be your own Master?

I also think that to seek a Master could be beneficial but I also think that the true Master does not exist, it is everywhere, it is the absolute, life...

I do not know if I am right or wrong but this is what I have just thought this 27 September 2007 at 22:30...

Thank you for your answer and still thanks for letting us have this mondo on the Internet

Answer from Master Kosen

It is only a question of words, I am going to try to choose mine to facilitate things.
I am only a professor who passes on a knowledge which you do not have or whose user manual you have lost.
But your purpose (even if we say that there is none) is to master your reality, which is equivalent for you to become the master of your fate. That, nobody can do it in your place.
Thus even if I am a Zen Master and that it is me who is in command in my Sangha, I am not your Master, I am only your professor, and it is normal that you like me because what I teach you is priceless. What you call the absolute and universal Master is the analogical spirit, which we call in Zen the One Spirit. This One Spirit does not teach but knows.

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I met in a sesshin people who followed a Western Master, panicked at the thought of being separated from him, losing it or being rejected. Eventualy, they've found a new family and a new attachment... which is reinforced with time; is it an insoluble contradiction!! It is annoying, isn't it?

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