In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Release this fire

Hi, I started to get interested in Zen after reading "Questions to a Zen Master" by Master Taisen Deshimaru. "Nothing" and going to this "nothing" has always attracted me, I started trying to do Zazen alone and I made an appointment in a Zen dojo to learn how to practice Zazen. I have always had this fire, this ...

Serious doubt

Hello Master Kosen, A serious doubt has arisen over my practice. This generates great anxiety on me, the anxiety of giving up, of making mistakes, maybe. I do not feel able to overcome this doubt ... how can I do it?

Situations... fake awakenings and weak egos

I've been thinking since a long time ago that it would be beneficial to attend a spiritual retreat with you in France. I've also considered being ordained. I've been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for a long while, but I don't know why, I feel empathy for Zen masters. I've been struck by Kodo Sawaki (as if his photographs gave me strength), by ...

Nervousness in various circumstances

I sometimes feel very nervous in front of an unexpected situation. Today, for instance, I got almost locked in the bathrooms and felt anxious and nervous. Can zen help me in such situations? How can I fight and avoid them?

About willpower

Greetings, I'll be very greatful if you will find some time for my question. I understand that buddhism (or practice buddhist teaching) is the way to find answer for all my questions. But I have realy lack of willpower. I have read lot of books about buddhism and I also found our local zen sangha, where I can practicing. But everytime when I ...

Enjoying zazen

Since a few months ago, I keep on practicing zazen almost in spite of me, but I do not feel any longer the stamina and the eagerness that fear of impermancence used to give me. On the other hand, I've quite understood that one should not expect anything from practising, except maybe the satisfaction of knowing that one doesn't have ...


Is it normal to feel despondent and forlorn whereas you're on the Way? I frequently feel separate from the world because of a great internal confusion and fears that bother me and keep me off the present moment. I'm sometimes feel I'm going mad. . .


I lost my father when I was two years old and a few years ago, I've been close to death and lost my elder brother in the event. This awakened in me a rampant fear, fear of being ill, of dying, of loneliness and of ceasing to exist. Since that day, all these fears disturb me and impact my life. The fact of losing brings me a great suffering and ...


I am about to write you and a tear appears within me. I have never practiced zazen, but everything I read and hear about it moves me deeply. I feel my will is crippled and this hurts. I need your words. I kindly greet and thank you.

Thank you

Thank you for being my Master. We have exchanged only a few words, but I do not care, because I love you with all my body-spirit and this will never change . . . :) . . . I did not know how to react to family and professional pressure, but I've found my balance: to love myself, to love my family and not to bother so much. Thank ...

feeling of doubt

Hello ! I have a question wich is bothering me a long time regulary. It is about a feeling of doubt. Very deep in myself, i feel doubt about most of the things i do in life. Even if i get things i wished for a long time, once they appear it can not satisfy me and i feel it is just another "thing" which i got in my life, a nother present to the ...

This feeling of rage which boosts me.

To feel strong internally and to hold out, I need to dispute myself, insult myself, say to me that life is a combat, that I do not have the right to let me cut down by the difficulties which I encounter at work and in the every day life, that there is too much suffering in this earth, and that I do not have the right to listen to me, to deplore ...

Unverifiable panic disorders.

Zen practitioner for almost 10 years, I would need some useful recommendation. I have always feared "locking up" situations. Sometimes, as a child, it was enough for me to be stuck in the middle of a queue, at the cinema for example, to feel the panic go up: palpitations, feeling of oppression, tingling in my limps... Generally, the crisis lasts...

"The conditioned thought and the creative thought"

To state that there are two kinds of thoughts: "the conditioned thought and the creative thought", Isnt' this step to fall into the trap of dualism? Isn't this step to think with the frontal brain? Is not it said that all is only vacuity? no category... In a friendly way


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