In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Awakening or not?

You say that "every day, we have to awaken again, this is endless, at any instant, a new satori", whereas the Buddha asserted that there was a "cessation, a refreshing, etc.", thus a goal. Why don't you teach the same thing as our Buddha?This lets me think that we could take the easy route, and thus miss the goal that the...

Does one has to pick a way?

A very wise friend of mine tells me: "do not look for something, everything's here, there's no way to choose, you just have to live with what you are, with as most joy and simplicity as you can. All the rest amounts to hot air." This sounds well for me, but I still feel a need for a practice, an anchor, a frame, and thus, a way. Does one ...

death and enleightenment

Everyone gets old, everyone gets sick, everyone dies. So what exactly is the difference at the time of death between an enligthened person and a regular person ?what exactly does enlightenemnt bring us, since we will die anyway ? Why then sit so much, why not get lost in sensual pleasures, since all of us awaits same faith ?Please explain my ...

effortless being?

After having spent much energy in Zazen and daily present moment awareness, can one reach a sustained natural state of surrender indefinitely? Do masters fall back into suffering occasionally?

Is the Awakening permanent?

I have just read the last question about the awakening, therefore your answer. You did not develop on a point, which is: is the Awakening permanent? I would thus like your point of view. In my opinion, I think everyone can know the awakening. The problem is not to deceive itself over, and in its desire to wake up even more the most pernicious ...

When satori sucks.

I shall want to speak about Satori and I shall mean that we can meditate, we can do zazen all our lives and experiment satori or the kundalini a million times, 4 times a day, even if it is still violence, or isolation, we become a buddha or a god for ourselves but life is not this. Now, if I feel a satori is coming I want to throw it out, it ...

Is the awakening conditioned to the seated position?

When we say that zazen is the practice-realization of the awakening, this awakening remains conditioned to the seated position? Is it different from the Awakening realized by Masters when they are not on the zafu (during the Transmission of the lineage or in an answer to a phenomenon stemming from nature)? Is the Awakening impermanent? ...

"me" the Buddha.

Some time ago you answered to my question: Who is there beyond Zen?You answered me: “there is you.” If I am only one illusion, must I understand, "me" the Buddha, the interior Master that I am supposed to discover? (We often have the answer to our questions in the question itself...) Gassho

Mastery and developing of oneself.

Hello, After a lifetime of mastery and developing of oneself and respect of life; it has been more than twenty years now that I do not have any more sexual intercourse without feeling a little frustration, on the contrary, a serene plenitude, one year that I do not masturbate any more the sex of my flesh, and a year also, that I feel a permanent...

A sudden comprehension of the awakening.

Tozan had a sudden comprehension of the awakening, innate. He had a sudden realization. After him, Sosan developed the theory of the degrees, Go I. Your book tackles this subject and brings it up to date, in a way, for those who need it, to give some reference marks. In the sudden way, there is no more reference mark, all the directions have ...

The absolute mastery.

Harmony soul-brother, I don’t know if I am very spiritually advanced, and I don’t mind in fact but what I know it is that I did not have any choice! Because I did not choose to reappear in a Corsican envelope of Man, Virgo star sign with Virgo ascendant with a dominant Mars, who is not afraid to be constantly Pure and Rightful, in an impure ...

Ski satori?

Skiing, I had the impression to be fused with a mountain. This feeling came to me with a great joy. Is that a little satori?

How to recognise satori

Quelle différence y -a-t-il lorsqu'on atteint le satori et comment savons-nous que nous l'avons atteint ? Même si le seul fait de pratiquer zazen suffit, l'humain a toujours des questions lorsque le satori n'a pas encore pointé le bout de son nez. Un ego encore trop fort.

Magic powers

To which kind of magic powers does Master Deshimaru refer in his answer to " What about magic powers ?" in the offered list of questons and answers ? I can read that you mention Castaneda in the Introduction of your book. Is there in the teachings of the zen masters a part dealing with "lucid dreams" ?...


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