In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Magic powers

To which kind of magic powers does Master Deshimaru refer in his answer to " What about magic powers ?" in the offered list of questons and answers ? I can read that you mention Castaneda in the Introduction of your book. Is there in the teachings of the zen masters a part dealing with "lucid dreams" ?...

How does one empty the mind?

How does one empty the mind? Is it necessary to empty one's mind? by the dispersion of thoughts, you can concentrate your mindmuch more intensely. On the other hand, during zazen, we do not use the will to stop our thoughts. We letthem go by freely, but of course we do not keep them up.If your posture is good and your breathing is deep,the ...

A short time ago I was alone in a forest by a river at night.

A short time ago I was alone in a forest by a river at night. All of a suddenI felt an incredible sense of Oneness with the Universe, although I knewthat I am just a small part of the Universe. I felt as though I was part ofa bigger something and I could feel the Universe as part of me. I want toexplore this phenomenon but I don't know what to ...


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The beauties transform themselves in clouds and rain The river of the passion of love is deep A hooker and me, A zen practitioner, Are singing on the top of a tower.


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