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Summer Camp 2014 : 3 sessions of zen
meditation practice
Led by Master Kosen at Zen Temple Yujo Nuysanji

Méditation zen : ango : le camp d'été

The summer camp, Ango  : stay in peace ... A tradition initiated by Shakyamuni Buddha, the summer camp is a retreat in which you can concentrate on zazen, zen meditation practice.

The summer camp is divided into three sessions of about ten days each , each session is made up of :

a preparatory phase in which 2 or 3 zazens and Master Kosen's teachings take place every day in the dojo
practical teachings about Zen taught by experienced disciples
samu : traditional temple daily activities: Zen cooking, gardening, cleaning up and Kesa sewing
various other activities: yoga, do-in, shiatsu, aïkido, etc..
a sesshin : intensive practice period with 4 zazens a day. Sesshin means “touching the spirit”, becoming intimate with oneself, concentrating on the unified boy and mind in zazen.

Why not you ?

For an 8-day session or the complete summer camp, join the international sangha of Master Kosen in the zen temple Yujo Nyusanji, and stop being a cog in the noisy machine… Our life passes quickly, there’s no other camp than this one …

As  Ryokan puts it: :
"Who says this is all in vain?
This is exactly what my body needs."

Ango, summer camp : July 18-August 17, 2013
in the Zen Temple Yujo Nyusanji
led by Master Kosen

Méditation zen : la prochaine sesshin

La pratique de la méditation zen s'organise également autour de périodes plus intensives nommées sesshins. Les sesshins sont planifiées au cours de l'année, durant des week-ends prolongés alignés sur les vacances, et culminent au camp d'été qui dure trois sessions de 10 jours.

Nombre de ces sesshins se déroulent au temple Yujo Nyusanji, dans le splendide parc régional du Caroux, au sud de la France, et au temple Shobogenji en Argentine.

Ceci est le reflet de notre Sangha établie dans les deux hémisphères.

Zen - Kosen Sangha - South Sesshin 2014
Dates de la sesshin (arrivée la veille au soir):
04/10/2014 to 05/10/2014
Cette sesshin se déroule au Temple zen de Yujo Nyusanji.
La nonne Gyu Ji, Ingrid Igelnick. sera responsable de l'enseignement.

Eko - Sutra of gratitude to the Great Masters of...

This sutra is a commemoration of the great masters. Although, not all the Budhhas and Patriarchs are mentioned in this brief recitation, the most important patriarchs of our Soto tradition such as...

Grand master Bodhidharma, founding ancestor

Biography of Zen Master Eihei Dogen (1200-1253) -...

Master Nyojo was a demanding and rigourous person. One day, during the course of a sesshin, Dogen had a great shock. While seated in zazen his neighbour fell asleep on his zafu. Nyojo exclaimed in a...

Sesshin with Master Soko Leroux, 14 y 15 June in...

The European Zen Center in Amsterdam organice a sesshin led by Master Soko Leroux.The teachings will be translated into Dutch. The sesshin starts with the arrival of the master on Friday evening with...

Sesshin with Master Soko Leroux, 14 y 15 June in Amsterdam.

Ji ho san shi: To all the buddahs, past, present and...

This sutra, which closes the ceremony, is recited as a sign of gratitude to the buddahs and the patriarchs. The Ji ho San Shi is generally done together with sampaï, three prostrations.  ...

Ji ho san shi: to all buddhas past, present and future...

The Fueko sutra: the small Eko

This sutra is a universal invocation wishing that all sentient beings should awaken to the Way of the Budhha. The Fueko is recited at the time of the short evening cermeony which closes...

Fueko sutra: the small Eko

Biography of Zen master Eihei Dogen (1200-1253)

Dogen was born in 1200, in Uji, close to Kyoto. His father belonged to the Minamoto clan and was descended from emperor Murakami (947-967). During this epoch Japan was going through a time of...

Biography of Master Kodo Sawaki

Kôdô Sawaki was born on the 16th. of June, 1880 into a well-off family of seven brothers, near to the  shrine at Ise. He was called Tsaikichi. When he was five years old, his...

Shigu Seigan Mon: the four great vows of the...

This short sutra represents the ideal of the bodhisattva consisting of it's four fundamental vows, whose first vow - to save all sentient beings - contains the other three. Sung every morning,...

The boddhistava Avalokitsevara