The great sitting of buddhas and patriarchs
Beyond thought
Sitting in Lotus
Concentrated in posture and breathing
Let the thoughts pass
fu do chi, la sagesse sans bouger
Yujo Nyusanji Zen Temple
A haven of peace in the heart of Languedoc
Come to practice
the great sitting of buddhas
fu do chi, la sagesse sans bouger
Touch the mind
Become intimate with oneself
A period dedicated to
intensive practice of
concentration in the acts of everyday's life by manual and collective labour,
in the dojo

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This website contains the expression of living Zen Buddhism, transmitted in the West by Master Deshimaru to his disciple Kosen. What is Zen Buddhism ?

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Summer Camp 2016 : 4 sessions of zen meditation practice

The summer camp, Ango  : stay in peace ... A tradition initiated by Shakyamuni Buddha, the summer camp is a retreat in which you can concentrate on zazen, zen meditation practice.

zen meditation summer camp poster

The summer camp is divided into 4 sessions of about ten days each , each session is made up of :

a preparatory phase in which 2 or 3 zazens and Master Kosen's teachings take place every day in the dojo
practical teachings about Zen taught by experienced disciples
samu : traditional temple daily activities: Zen cooking, gardening, cleaning up and Kesa sewing
various other activities: yoga, do-in, shiatsu, aïkido, etc..
a sesshin : intensive practice period with 4 zazens a day. Sesshin means “touching the spirit”, becoming intimate with oneself, concentrating on the unified boy and mind in zazen.

Kosen Sangha : sesshins, zazen's days of practice, news

Mâitre Kosen, kampai prés du nouveau pont, 3eme session 2015

The zen Bar

Gijs, from Amsterdam, responsible of the bar during the summer camp 2015, at the Yujo Nyuzanji temple, transmits his sucessfull experience.