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Méditation zen : la prochaine sesshin

La pratique de la méditation zen s'organise également autour de périodes plus intensives nommées sesshins. Les sesshins sont planifiées au cours de l'année, durant des week-ends prolongés alignés sur les vacances, et culminent au camp d'été qui dure trois sessions de 10 jours.

Nombre de ces sesshins se déroulent au temple Yujo Nyusanji, dans le splendide parc régional du Caroux, au sud de la France, et au temple Shobogenji en Argentine.

Ceci est le reflet de notre Sangha établie dans les deux hémisphères.

Dates de la sesshin (arrivée la veille au soir):
29/05/2014 to 01/06/2014
Cette sesshin se déroule au Temple zen de Yujo Nyusanji.
Master Kosen Thibaut sera responsable de l'enseignement.

Sesshin in Amsterdam with Master Barbara Kosen

The European Zen Center is organising a sesshin led by Master Barbara Kosen  On 23 & 24 November, 2013The oral teaching, kusen, will be in French and translated... more

Sesshin con la Maestra Barbara Kosen en el European Zen Center

Videoclips: end of summer camp 2013

Spontaneous expressions captured "live" by the river at the zen temple Yujo Nyusanji at the end of the summer camp 2013. Beautiful moments of crazy laughter and intensity. With Master... more

Videoclips: end of zen summer camp 2013

Jean Bélanger, zen monk and glass artist

Since 1987 zen monk Jean Bélanger worked with glass in his studio Verrerie Coquelicot in Quebec ,Canada. He create fused glass and blown glass works of art. In collaboration with designers and... more

Jean Bélanger, glass artist, fused glass, blown glass.

Guen maï using pressure cooking to make the soup of...

Guen maï, using pressure cooking; an original method of cooking the traditional soup of Zen monks and nuns. This method will always produce a creamy Guen maï, without ever burning or separating.... more

Guen maï using pressure cooking to make the soup of Zen monks.

Prehistory of zen III

The Prehistory of Zazen, by Guy Massat, zen monk disciple of Maître Deshimaru In ancient India, the civilization of Harrapa (2700 years B.C.), a bucket has been found showing a character with... more

Prehistory of zen III

Prehistory of zen II

The Prehistory of Zazen, by Guy Massat, zen monk disciple of Maître Deshimaru At the entrance of the cathedral in Reims, sculpted on the pediment of the main door, one can see a character cross-... more

Prehistory of zen II

Stories of samu: expertise and testimonies of Zen...

Did you say samu? Practitioners of Zen are expected to perform simple daily tasks like preparing meals, washing dishes and cleaning. This is known as “samu”, a Japanese word used in Zen... more

Stories of samu: expertise and testimonies of Zen samu

The karma of the three times

Kusen given during 2013 summer camp, Zen Temple Yujo NuysanjiSo, I continue with the teachings of Jayata, or rather his master's, Kumadata.Jayata asked his master:«My parents have always... more

The karma of the three times: the wheel of life, Trongsa Dzong monastery