The Summer Camp

In Japan “Ango” is a tradition which has been going on since the time of Buddha. It was a period of practice which saw the whole Sangha coming together around the Buddha during the rainy season.

Summer Camp in Temple Yujo Nyusanji 2022

Our sessions include

  • A period of preparation lasting between 4 to 6 days followed by a sesshin (period of more intensive practice)
  • Teachings in the dojo (kusen).
  • Samu: taking part in the daily tasks of the temple (zen kitchen, garden, maintenance, sewing of the kesa). Samu is a japanese word which literally means “doing things”, as in “things to do”. Samu is work for the temple and the community, and forms an integral part of the practice.
  • Various related activities: yoga, do-in, shiatsu...


Master Kosen gives ordenations for Bodhisattva and monk at the end of the third session.

Le camp d'été raconté par celles et ceux qui le pratiquent

Informations Covid

Dernière minute : la circulation du Covid s’accélère. Nous souhaitons que le camp d’été se passe dans les meilleures conditions. Aussi, par mesure de sécurité, nous adopterons les consignes que nous connaissons déjà :

- Port du masque pour parler et chanter à l'intérieur. Donc, pensez à apporter vos masques !
- Respect des consignes d'hygiène de base. Du gel hydroalcoolique sera sur place.
- En cas de suspicion de Covid, il sera possible de faire immédiatement un test sous la supervision d'une infirmière. Des tests Covid seront disponibles sur place.

Si vous avez un doute sur votre état de santé par rapport au Covid, merci de faire un test avant de venir.

The practice of zazen is the essence of Zen.

Sitting facing the wall on a round cushion (zafu ), the legs in the lotus or semi lotus position, the knees laid down on the ground, the back well straight, the neck stretched, the left hand on the right hand, the edge of the hands on the abdomen, in a total immobility.

The breathing is quiet and the concentration is more directed to the breathing out.

The conscious mind is still, without entertaining nor rejecting the thoughts, we let them pass through the concentration on the posture and the breathing.

Master Deshimaru practising zazen

Master Kosen Thibaut

Zen monk since 1971, Master Kosen practiced fifteen years at the of Master Taisen Dehimaru, of whom he was one of the closest disciples.Since the death of his Master, he continues the practice of Zazen and directs many Sesshins.

In 1984, he received Shiho (the Dharma transmission) from the hands of Master Niwa Zenji, the highest authority of Zen in Japan, and hence became himself a Master in the tradition of Zen.In 1997, he published the book "Zen, the inner revolution" and in 2006 he published "The five stages of Awakening (Editions du Relié)". For more information about Master Kosen


Master Rei Kiku Femenias

The nun Rei Kiku, Paula Femenias started zazen in 1990 in Sweden, and for years she followed Master Kosen to Amsterdam and Montpellier. Since 2011 she is back in Sweden where she leads a zazen group. Paula is married and has two children, she works and continues to follow Master Kosen and the practice at Temple Yujo Nyusanji..


Master Ryurin Desmur

Christophe Ryurin Desmur is a zen monk since 1989. He is responsible for the practice of Zen in Lyon. Chinese calligraphy teacher, he is the Kosen Sangha official calligrapher.

October 8th 2009 he received the Shiho (dharma transmission) from the hands of Master Kosen

Yujo Nyusanji Zen Temple  was founded by Master Kosen, heir of Master Mokudo Taisen Deshimaru's Dharma. Master Kosen, his disciples, and members of Zen Deshimaru Buddhist nonprofit organization retire to the temple to practice sesshins, samu, and daily gyoji. . . and also to recharge their batteries, take a deep breath of mountain air, spot wild mouflons, learn archery, and dive in the peaceful atmosphere of forests and rivers.

The Caroux Zen Temple is located right in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park, 1 h 40 west of Montpellier, France.

Vous etes arrivés au temple zen  Yujo Nyusanji, descendez vos valises, en avant la sesshin. L'atmosphére pendant zazen, dans le dojo du temple zen Yujo Nyusanji Passerelle en bois sur la rivière du temple zen Yujo Nyusanji
Repas au réfectoire du temple Yujo Nyusanji Le temple zen Yujo Nyusanji s'étend sur plusieurs hectares de nature L'intérieur du dojo du temple zen Yujo Nyusanji
Remise de kesas dans le dojo du temple Le temple zen est entouré par de magnifiques hêtraies Cérémonie de la Gen Maï au temple zen Yujo Nyusanji
Le temple zen Yujo Nyusanji est traversé par une rivière cristalline Sutra du Kesa Entrée du temple Zen Yujo Nyusanji


Route du Hameau de Douch 34610 Rosis - Tel. +33/(0) 749703533

How to come

  •  By car. There are at least four possible routes from the valley of Orb. We suggest you go through Hérépian, d13 towards Saint-Gervais, then d13e12 towards the Horte, then continue to Rosis then to Douch, turn right 1 km before Douch (zen temple sign). Coming from Toulouse, it is faster to pass by the d180 on the Espinouse pass.
  • By train, there are bus services for Lamalou for 1.5 euros which leave from Montpellier and Béziers. You can even bring a bike on them.

    A pickup is organized in Lamalou, opposite the casino, on the arrival day of sessions and sesshins, by default at 20H05. When you register, just remember to indicate, in the public message field, that you wish to be picked up. Notice that if you need to, it is possible for you to log in again and modify this message.  taxi from Lamalou: 06 08 77 12 96 -cost: 25 euros aprox.

    1. Montpellier:  18H30 - 20H00, depart from Mosson, (end stop of tram 1 which departs opposite Montpellier Saint Roch station.)
    2. Béziers: 17H25 - 18H35 depart opposite the station, , not available on Sundays or holidays.
  • On foot, from Montpellier, do not get off at Lamalou, but in Colombières-sur-orb (bus 15H45 -17H35 from Mosson), go up by the gorges of Colombières, to the left of the river -it is beautiful and, you can swim there. Not to be done if it rains. The journey takes about 2h30, once you arrived at the "Col des Avels", continue to Rosis, then to Douch.

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Summer Camp : 17 July till 16 August 2022

2 sessions of 9 days, and 1 session of 10 days

  • 1st session led by Master Rei Kiku Femenias : 17 till 25 July, 6 days of preparation, 2 1/2 of sesshin
  • 2nd session led by Master Ryurin Desmur : 27 July till 4 August, 6 days of preparation, 2 1/2 of sesshin
  • 3rd session led by Master Kosen : 7 till 16 August, 6 days of preparation, 3 1/2 of sesshin
  • Samu after Summer Camp: 18 till 24 August

A period of 15 days of samu is offered to you before the summer camp. This is an opportunity to enjoy the temple, practice in the dojo while participating in the establishment of the traditional summer camp. Detailed informations about Samu period

Arrival should be on the evening before each session. A session ends on the last day after lunch.

Price (normal price/ reduced price)

The second reduced price may be given to persons of lesser means subject to agreement by the director of the sesshin.

Session   Entire session Sesshin
1, 2 455 € / 365 € 170 € / 140 €
3 510 € / 405 € 225 € / 185 €
3 sessions 655 €  
3 sessions + full samu : 655 €  

The american plan is included in the price.

Price for children : until 3 years old : fuse (donation) ; from 3 until 8 years old : 30% of adult price ; more than 8 years old : 50% of adult price.

General Assembly

The General Assembly will take place during the preparation for the 3rd session.

“Full-timers” are participants who stay for the entire Summer Camp and are involved in it’s organisation and working. They must arrive one day before the start of the camp to assume their responsibility and should leave the temple at the end of the camp when everything has been finished.

A full-timer pays a reduced tariff, (see details of pricing below).

A period of 15 days of samu is offered to you before the summer camp. This is an opportunity to enjoy the temple, practice in the dojo while participating in the establishment of the traditional summer camp.

Permanents special rate :

  • 3 sessions : 655 €
  • 4 sessions : 775 €
  • 3 sessions + full samu : 655 €
  • 4 sessions + full samu : 700 €
  • Or samu participation per day: 15 €

Detailed informations about Samu period

'To be able to be part of the full-timers team, send an e-mail to permanent(@) or send a letter to Temple Zen Du Caroux hameau de Douch 34610 Rosis. This request should be made one month before the start of the camp.'

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