This year, again, a period of 15 days of samu is offered to you before the summer camp. This is an opportunity to enjoy the temple, practice in the dojo while participating in the establishment of the traditional summer camp.

On this occasion, we do a great cleaning of the dormitories, the kitchen, the refectory as well as a cleaning of the surroundings and the swimming pool.

Work on the lower building has progressed seriously, but  we have the samu in perspective. People who are good handymen or more will be able to practice their art (fitting out a kitchen, sink, toilets, electricity, small masonry and paintings ...).

Moments of rest can give you the opportunity to explore the surrounding nature, small rocky mountains with beautiful forests and gorges where you can bathe.

In practice

SAMU Temple from 1st to 14th July 2021

  • 4 permanent sessions + full samu: 700 € 
  • 3 permanent sessions + full samu: 655 € 
  • Participation for the day: 15 € 

The samu period includes 2 zazen per day and 4 hours of samu

Monday hosan (rest)

Info and registration: inscriptions(at)

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South Sesshin 2023: Zazen the méditation Zen, Caroux Temple near of Montpellier

The universe is nothing elsethan the testimony of a unique dharma.What we see with formsis only the reflection of our mind.The mind does not exist in itself.Its existence reveals itselfthrough the forms.


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