In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Zazen and work

The more I practice zazen, the less I feel at ease with my work. I would like to spend my whole time practicing zazen, but I must support my family: my wife and my son. How can I embrace contradictions and realize myself at each moment doing something I like? I'm very little concentrated in my work, though I try to do my best. FU ...


We are advised to practice zen without any goal, since it is the path, the process and practice themselves that should be the center and it is through them that we attain our goal. Is it the same in life at large? Should I abandon my goals in life and concentrate on what life gives me?

Daily living

How do we live a spiritual life with so much dysfunction around us? I feel it is much like my practice. Sitting without wanting an outcome but wanting an outcome none the less


Dear Master!I`m writing from Norway, where I got back 3 times to take a job, try myself and get to know myself. i feel the same all the time, I can`t do it, but insist on it to fullfit my dream and attain the knowlidges and find myself even if I`m alone and am among uknown people. If I feel the pain in my stomach in hara it means i have to ...

Burned out

I started practicing Buddhism more than ten years ago, I did retreats, etc., but my life is just as miserable as before, or even more. I have lost my faith in chanting mantras or sitting because it had not made me any happier or wiser. I feel old and kind of burned out, I do not feel the slightest inspiration to sit zazen, chant mantras or ...

State of mind in the everyday life.

I’ve been practising zazen for some time nowAnd I feel the need to be in the same state of mind in the everyday life as the one I am when I practise zazen, because I have the impression that it belongs to me.Only at the time of zazen this state is natural, in everyday life it can come all alone sometimes, but most of the time I force myself ...

How to be respected in one's work?

My question is the following one, how to be respected in one's work when we one is department head, when we have to show a strong personality whose one and only purpose is to annoy people and mess the others? Since it is necessary to be released from ones ego and its feelings, how can I still have authority on my personnel?

How can we stay zen at work?

How can we stay zen at work, mostly with our collegues, when we have the impression that they make you guilty for something you don’t know, that they criticise everybody behind their backs, and when we have the impression that one of them was your girlfriend, that you have confined yourself in and who is just using what she knows about you to ...

Story of life or dream?

Good morning Master, I am twelve years old, I read Lobstang Rampa. Fourteen years I am afraid of the ghosts I have never seen. Sixteen years I become initiated to yoga. Seventeen years I go on the roads looking for the trail of my life. Twenty seven years I find a way. Thirty years I make the wish looking at a shooting start that my eyes could ...

Zen and religion

My wife is a Christian who is having a difficult time acceptingmy zazen. I have informed her that Zen and religion are two differentthings, but she thinks I'm in some kind of cult or something. I'd liketo share what I've learned with my children, but I believe she will notallow this. What do you think about this situation? She's really a ...

Zen and social life

a question??in fact i need advice...whenever i care about what people from...Iget my head kicked bullied/mobbedon the other hand...when i ignore the people around not care what they do or say and think to life is too short to care about you/life is too big to hear to your meaning on my behaviourall ...

What can I do, follow my heart or follow my father ?

Dear Master Kosen,I practiced for about two years in the Dojo in Brest. I am now studying in Parisand unfortunately stopped practicing. I am now facing a dilemna : go on with my studies and later on study buddhism or follow my father in is wood company in Indonesia, the kind of company which is deforesting the virgin forest,that is of so bad ...


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