What to do to find the joy of living? I feel as if I had nothing else to do on this earth, I shall be almost grateful to die..... I'm not interested in living any more .................

Answer from Master Kosen

Listen: in the morning, you wake up at about 6:30 am and you create your day: health, enjoyment, abundance, then you go in a vineyard you know and look at the railing which is in the sky, you leave there what you want, then you bestride your motorcycle and go to the dojo, there you practice zazen for 1 hour and a half, then you go and do half an hour of gym before having breakfast, later you smoke on a small pipe while organizing the day with your mates on the terrace of your favourite pub and, very important, the billiard table, obviously you win, kiss everybody and pay the check, form then on the day can begin, and I swear it will be magnificent.

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We are advised to practice zen without any goal, since it is the path, the process and practice themselves that should be the center and it is through them that we attain our goal. Is it the same in life at large? Should I abandon my goals in life and concentrate on what life gives me?

Daily living

How do we live a spiritual life with so much dysfunction around us? I feel it is much like my practice. Sitting without wanting an outcome but wanting an outcome none the less


Dear Master!I`m writing from Norway, where I got back 3 times to take a job, try myself and get to know myself. i feel the same all the time, I can`t do it, but insist on it to fullfit my dream and attain the knowlidges and find myself even if I`m alone and am among uknown people. If I feel the pain in my stomach in hara it means i have to ...

Burned out

I started practicing Buddhism more than ten years ago, I did retreats, etc., but my life is just as miserable as before, or even more. I have lost my faith in chanting mantras or sitting because it had not made me any happier or wiser. I feel old and kind of burned out, I do not feel the slightest inspiration to sit zazen, chant mantras or ...

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