In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

Zen and religion

My wife is a Christian who is having a difficult time acceptingmy zazen. I have informed her that Zen and religion are two differentthings, but she thinks I'm in some kind of cult or something. I'd liketo share what I've learned with my children, but I believe she will notallow this. What do you think about this situation? She's really a ...

Zen and social life

a question??in fact i need advice...whenever i care about what people from...Iget my head kicked bullied/mobbedon the other hand...when i ignore the people around not care what they do or say and think to life is too short to care about you/life is too big to hear to your meaning on my behaviourall ...

What can I do, follow my heart or follow my father ?

Dear Master Kosen,I practiced for about two years in the Dojo in Brest. I am now studying in Parisand unfortunately stopped practicing. I am now facing a dilemna : go on with my studies and later on study buddhism or follow my father in is wood company in Indonesia, the kind of company which is deforesting the virgin forest,that is of so bad ...


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Through the thought without thought Direct your attention towards the inside To examine the divine spark When your thought cannot go farther It goes back to the source Where nature and form Noumene and phenomenon Are not two but one.


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