I do not manage to understand how it is possible to lead a professional life in our society (search of results, commercial goals, ambition.) with a regular practice of zazen (stoptou!). Too many paradoxes. Can you enlighten me on the question?
In advance thank you

Answer from Master Kosen

No problem to set a goal and to reach it, no problem trying to earn money, no problem to have a great ambition and to achieve it.
Why do we say that zazen is without goals?
Because zazen is totality, if there is a goal, one cannot obtain totality. But once zazen finishes, it is necessary to restrict its ambition and to set limited goals, to concentrate there with only one spirit without letting oneself distract, and obtain what one desires by the concentration and energy, then life is marvelous.
For this reason the Zen monks should be the best with the work they take on. If that is not the case, question your manner of practicing and certain dogmas which have paralyzed you.

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