Hello, thank you for the reply

Why are some people calm on the outside and vicious in nature on the inside, where did this come from? i have calm in very bad situations its feels peacefull and energy and clear.

i feel i am supposed to protect something, but i dont know what it is, this "sense" is very strong(i have many questions, i'll work on them). i can sense/feel things in bad places or good places. When i look at someone for while i see colours around them, but i have to concentrate. i dont speak of such things to others. why is this so.

i have so much pain inside

thank you, (if you dont want to ask questions just tell me i dont take things personally)


Answer from Master Kosen

In reality this is the contrary, we are calm inside, our deep nature is calm and the vice you are talking about is not your deep nature. Stop identifying yourself to your emotions, these are your real ennemy, forgive your ennemi, we all have the same daemons, we are all brothers, we are all God, stay centered.
And protect what you have to protect, the fact that you do not know "what" is a good sign and is a proof of your sincerity and of your divine nature.
I write to you this sentence of the Psalm 23 of the Bible: "When I walk in the valley of the shadow of the death, I fear no evil, because you are with me: your crook and your stick reassure me".


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