i work in iraq, i'm hired for protection reasons etc

I feel like an animal, i want kill, have sex, and i'm very lost.

I don't know why i'm here on earth, i don't know what i must do, i don't know
what i am. im not afraid of dying or killing its part of life. i even
thought of killing you, is this right or wrong. i don't ever tell people
of such things. i have tears in my eyes when i write this, tears have
not come to my eyes in along time.

Help me i'm lost, i'm alive and dreaming, tell me how to wake up.

How do i do meditation and breathing, how to clear the mind, how to stop

Answer from Master Kosen

All I can tell you, on my behalf, is that I love you. Whether you kill or you be killed, I thank you for the whole humankind to send this message of love and despair, it is the most wonderful act of war which can de done, it concerns all of us and I am with you as much as I can. We are all with you and I pray for the fact that we all wake up from this nightmare and that we understand that life is eternal, that love is essential, that we are all forgiven, that these are only struggle inside a dream. As Kodo was saying, the master of my master who went to war while he was young in Russia.
"At the time of our death, maybe we will have no trouble to understand: Oh! It was only a dream".
But I wish you to live, if you know how to do zazen do it. And do what you have to do at each moment, stay within the pray and the love, make a pact with God: - God I am with you and you stay with me, even if I have to kill, or if I must die, never quit me, then what shall happen will happen. I fear nothing, neither for myself, nor for the others if I am with you and in your love. This adventure will make of you a man not like the others and you will be able to help the others.


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thank you for your kind words of common sense, i am a christian but feelso much sadness when i enter my church, it no longer gives me comfort,in fact it makes me cry, so im searching.... what for i dont know, wheredo i find the conentment and humility that you seem to have where do istart, i want to know more

The Master is interested in the ignorant little worm I am.

I practice the Way but I only very seldom make questions in a Mondo because I do not have a doubt about the direction of the practice and I see myself badly raising a stupid question just to have the illusion of the transitory pleasure that the Master is interested in the ignorant little worm I am. I do Zazen for Zazen itself and I love my ...

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Master, The Buddha, the god, is without ‘noumène’ thus he has an infinite number of aspects, faces, forms. However the essence of the aspect is beyond the aspect or beyond the not aspect, ‘beyond’ meaning containing immediately 2 aspects: aspect and non-aspect. Isn’it so that the buddha can be seen. So isn’t zazen beyond the aspect ...

To become your disciple?

I wanted to know what does exactly mean to become your disciple. For example, does he/she need necessarily to become a nun or a monk?I suppose that there are meetings, can you enlighten me a little more please?

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