a question??
in fact i need advice...whenever i care about what people from...Iget my head kicked bullied/mobbed
on the other hand...when i ignore the people around not care what they do or say and think to life is too short to care about you/life is too big to hear to your meaning on my behaviour
all is going well....the people like me as natural/friendly/person with a strong character even if i do have created a distance between them and me.
in such a state of mind i feel no sorry for them or a need to help them.
actually i am indifferent if they live or die ...if they suffer or not.....there seems to be only my way...the way of a let´s call it warrior or hunter who moves in this world with the knowledge that his life may end the next moment and that he is only responsible for himself
and that there is no time left for sorry/worry....only the time for action without moral or ethical questions.
in a state like this i feel that the world is in harmony and my actions are free from fears and borders.
is such a state/setting of mind paranoid or cruel...will it transform me into a antisocial person??
is it the result of zen-like behaviour???
am i missing the way???

Answer from Master Kosen

You tell that you don't bother any more for the others,
and nevertheless, it seems that you worry about yourself :
" Am I not this or that ? Am I missing the way ?"...
But realize that you too are someone else.
We all are someone else. So, choose, bother for everyone else, including yourself, or don't bother for anybody, even for you.

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