When I practiced Soto Zen I fought a lot with it. It goes against our
western mind set. But with a great deal of (non) effort I eventually
settled in to a good-deep meditation. It effected my dreams. They were real
and I was in control of them. My sleep seemed to be just another state
of mind, somehow I was aware that I was sleeping and could interact on an
intelligent basis with those I met in my dreams.
Eventually I worked my way through several layers of my active mind, and came
to differentiate between my ego self and my real self. The distinction was
clear and didn't require definitions or explanations. My ego seemed like an
evolutionary necessity given our huge, inquiring brains necessary for survival.
Shortly afterward I could feel a mental isolation of sorts. My brain and body
seperated and my mind seemed to float above my body, which took on wierd
dimensions - it fell through the floors below me for instance.
I could feel an amazing energy rise within me that disappeared as soon as I
took note of it.
It was like electricity through my body.
The little book I was reading called "Beginners Mind" took on layers of
meaning. As if I understood exactly what the author was saying.
My creativity was enhanced. I could draw the images in my mind as if I were
looking at a photo.
One day I walked outside after meditating and everything fell into place.
Thats all I can say about it. Suddenly everything seemed to fit, to make sense.
It was an amazing feeling. I couldn't really put it into words.
But I did understand that much of what goes on in this world today would
change if everyone felt this - just once....
I wonder what happened?
Is this sort of experience typical?

Answer from Master Kosen


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