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Let me ask the question: Do we create our own reality ? (Like described in the movie: What the bleep do we know ? ) It would be very interesting, what your experience about it is !

Thank you vey much !


Answer from Master Keisen

The reality that we know is the one that we perceive through our mind. Changing our mind will change the reality that we believe in. In that sense yes we create our own reality. We cannot know any reality outside of our mind. However we always believe that this reality is the ultimate reality which exists independently of our knowledge of it.
Of course the outside world exists the way it is, buddhism does not talk about it. Buddhism talks about the human beings and so about our own reality. In sciences, in the older times, people believed that they will discover the true mechanisms of our universe, as if it were separated from ourselves. From the emergence of quantum physics we know now that it is not so simple and that the way we are performing the experiments acts on the results that we will get. We can then deduce that these realities are not separated: the plain, unobservable, reality of our world and the reality that we can attain through our experiments or through our mind.
Separate them conducts to a contradiction.
So we can change our reality, and somehow it is the only one that we can know. At this point the only thing which remains is just a question of wording: what do we call reality.

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I wants use the koan MU

My name is Peter Hinz and I live in a town called Perstorp.I am a 35 year old man from Sweden, who wants to use thekoan MU but don't know how togo about it. I have practiced zazen for about 2 years, concentrating on my breathing.Please help me.

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