I am practicing the martial arts, people there talk about meditation with egos like cathedrals. I am studying philosophy and I only meet professors without inspiration, theorists without flesh, people eaten by their career and dressed in their prestigious minds. Outside, people are lost, closed up, aggressive or submissive. Inside myself, sex, intellect and doubt. I still feel a way, but sometimes I am asking myself: one more illusion ? Something inside me however keeps marching on. To what ?

Answer from Master Kosen

A little depression. Do not be systematically pessimistic. Your sight towards things should keep the consciousness of reality. " Light exists within obscurity, do not watch only the obscure side, the obscurity exists in light, do not see only the bright side".

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There are no more thoughts, nor body...

There are no more thoughts, nor body, nor image of the body, nor sesation, nor perception, nor breathing or conciousness of the breathing, no more space... than the conciousness of a persistante black. It is impossible to describe with words, what is it?

I wants use the koan MU

My name is Peter Hinz and I live in a town called Perstorp.I am a 35 year old man from Sweden, who wants to use thekoan MU but don't know how togo about it. I have practiced zazen for about 2 years, concentrating on my breathing.Please help me.

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How can he smile so happy? Do not compare him to the others; His social manners are not from this world His happiness comes from his own nature.


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