Dear Stéphane,

I have just read your answer. Obviously, I could still answer you but I prefer to tell you that you will be invited to the conference of June 8-10, 2007 in the Gendronnière where we will celebrate the 40 2nd birthday of the implantation of the Zen Soto in Europe by Sensei. We will be able to continue this discussion there which will allow useful clarifications.
Just precise details: Harada was replaced by Imamura roshi which likes Sensei very much and does not ask us to change our manner of singing the sutras. If some do so, it is their free choice and not mine.
Good continuation for your gyoji.
In a friendly way

Answer from Master Kosen

My dearest Roland,
Excuse me for my virulence, but you know that if we met more frequently, not only you and me, but me and all my former companions of practice, it would add a little honey into the milk as sensei used to advise us.
I thank you for the invitation, I will work to take to the event material on the Zen of the future and I will take part in it with joy.
You have the last word and it is a word of love, as everyone wishes it, long live true Zen.
By the way, I recommend you see the Argentinean film called "A Buddha in Buenos Aires".
Thank you and see you.

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