Dear Kosen,

Will you give Roland the chance of explaining to us his point of view, which will make it possible for us to come up with an opinion? This seems to be important to me: I say myself, Kosen is right perhaps, it seems sincere and to base its line on the greatest of ethics. But, I do not imagine Roland in a "treason" to his Master, a search for Japanese recognition, a will to repudiate you by ordering a second time etc... The intentions that you give them, even if the facts are true, are truly theirs? To check so, in the answer of Roland.

I practise in sesshins of Roland and, following your and his agreement, I come to one of your dojos every day. I do not see only one basic difference, not even in the rituals, but simply of different expressions. I am today in a difficult situation since up to then all did well in the greatest respect of the differences and practicing in your dojo and with Roland.

Good to you

Answer from Master Kosen


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Sotoshu, Roland Rech's response.

Relations with Sotoshu Shumucho. In an answer to the question if his sangha is recognized by Sotoshu in Japan, Master Kosen Stephan Thibaut put forth negative judgements on the attitude of the masters of the AZI and mine in particular founded on erroneous information. I thus request the publication of the following statement which will be done ...

Kosen or Roland?

Kosen or Roland? One is not in front of a football match!! I dare to hope that the room is larger. If we do not see what brings these 2 men together, then let’s shut up and sit. By pointing out, if we still do not see that it is love, and only love, let us start again...

The shiho looks to me to be something intimate and to make a celebration of it does not look right to me.

HISTORY OF EVENTS(Twenty years ago already Master Rempo Niwa zenji, the highest authority of the Japanese zen who was about to become Zenji of the temple of Eiheiji, temple founded by Master Dogen zenji himself, came in person to transmit the shiho - the transmission of the dharma - to three of the closest disciples of Master Taisen ...

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