To feel strong internally and to hold out, I need to dispute myself, insult myself, say to me that life is a combat, that I do not have the right to let me cut down by the difficulties which I encounter at work and in the every day life, that there is too much suffering in this earth, and that I do not have the right to listen to me, to deplore my fate, it is for me the only inner personal way to have rage which enables me to obtain the force to beat myself against my mental toxins; what according to you, is this a good way not to be defeated by dispair and depression? thank you master, for answering me? It is very important for me to have your point of view on this feeling of rage which boosts me, having only you as a contact in the voice of Zen, still thank you

Answer from Master Kosen

Anger is an energy and, in our body, it is also necessary to practise ecology, stop wasting for christ's sake. This energy belongs to you and does not have to be lost even if it appears negative to you, it is not, in fact not, if you use it to enable your creativity. Coexist with it, let it be integrated in your essence and adapt this anger to you, remain in the safety of the essence and do not direct this anger towards something which seems separate of you.

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