When we became Buddha, is it possible to forget oneself, to loose his knowledge, the source and to become a daemon or do we stay a Buddha for ever?
Where do the Budhas live?

Have already talked about these divine entities as some persons?
Can you leave your body when you want?

My birth is not a hazard is it a certainty, maybe I chose it, I succed in finding back myself in the center and to influence my environment through my simple thought or will, let us say that my environment is modified by my thought and that happens, the more I get close to unity and more I become one with the time at each instant.

Yes its cool, I have learnt a lot from then and someone helped me a lot.

I like life, the encounters, to find myself in the center of a situation and have a broad sight on my environment, to have a sight, an attention on the self, the others and my environment.

Tomorrow will be the day of the Associations in Montpellier if the weather is good. I hope that you will be there, I see the zen as a practice, it is a bit the knowledge of the Gids and of life.

See you, or never, LoL

Answer from Master Kosen

1: we do not become Buddha we have always been Buddha, it is our true nature, we should realize it, that all.

2: The notion of time varies according to the frequency with which our atoms are vibrating, the more luminous we are the more the time looks fast, the more we are embedded in matter, the more it appears to be slow.
To be conscious of it, the consciousness of things should be sent back to us like when we are looking at ourselves in a mirror, then time and space appear.
The time is the consciousness mirror.

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In this living world The body that I abandon to the fire Would be miserableIf I would see in myself anything else Except wood to be burned.


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