Hello, What is your point of view on the questioning of Taisen Deshimaru and his education on the one hand, but also his filiation with Kodo Sawaki on the other hand, which we find in the site http: // / AZI or still in the forum of the excellent site http: // / Buddhism?
Thank you in advance for your answer

Answer from Master Kosen

My point of view is that the AZI should attack this idiot in slandering. He says horrors on Master Deshimaru, which correspond not at all to reality, who he does not understand and who he does not know. His judgements are missleading and neurotic. Since the year 1969, I met a multitude of great Masters for whom I felt the deepest respect. Large Indian Masters as Swami Shivananda who was friend of Deshimaru, Swami Satshitananda and many others. Tibetans Masters: Karmapa, considered in Tibet the incarnation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, spiritual Master of his holiness Dalai Lama, and who textually said, when he met Master Deshimaru: "I do not have any doubt on top: Europe has a main large truth!"; Kalou Rimpoche, all greatest authorities of Japanese Zen: Hiwamoto Zenji, who had said: "Master Deshimaru is the Bodhidharma of modern times"; the big Master of Zen Rinzai in Japan in the seventies who supported his mission and declared that Deshimaru was the greatest Zen Master since Hakuin; the chief of the Zen sect Obaku; without counting Yamada Rerin Zenji, Niwa Zenji... Everyone, without exception, assured that Master Deshimaru was indeed the greatest Zen Master in a long time, and the successor in Dharma of Master Kodo Sawaki. Of all these Masters whom I could see (and even sometimes touch, like Karmapa, who held me tight in his arms) none has impressed me as Master Deshimaru did. And this is not only one subjective or shallow impression: I had the time and the chance to closely know him by being next to him, by listening to the history of his life (which he told me in great detail) by meeting his friends in France and in Japan, as weel as his family. I know him better than my own father... What a happiness that such a being dropped in such a point to save such pathetic and ignorant beings as we were, us, their disciples, for whom he finally sacrificed his life.

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