What is a sesshin? I am a begginer, I suffer tremendous pain in Zazen
and have not achieved a right posture. Going to the sesshin could help
or I have to be more apt ?

Answer from Master Kosen

A sesshin could certainly help you. To be up to practice a sesshin, you have to do the first step, it means that it can only be learnt with practice. To be up to practice a sesshin, it is simply the fact to decide to go. Fear at the medical level resides in the back. Consequently it is possible to cure oneself physically in reinforcing the yang in the back. There are all sorts of fears, objective fear, when for example someone wants to attack you, fear of the unconsciousness, psychological fear, fear of the cosmic order as said by Master Deshimaru. It is possible to envisage three kinds of therapies: therapy by diverse plants which reinforce the kidneys, or quite simply psychotherapy which helps you to discover an ancient and profound problem, which creates communication problems and fears in facing others. And in any way, if you practice zazen, it reinforces at the same time the back and helps you to understand yourselves more profoundly. It is then a very good solution.

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Hi there, bonjour... I practise my sitting twice/thrice a day.Love the sit. Best thing in my life. Go to a small group once a week too, part of white plum org. No probs with that. was wondering though if you guys were ever considering setting up a branch of your sangha in London?

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