True Zen or not true Zen - isn't it a moquery ? How can You use this "true
zen" complications? Isn't your true mind finds the difference between
true'n false? Or not.

Answer from Master Kosen

Certainly, the true mind finds the difference between true and false
and it can thus make the difference between true Zen and not true Zen.
The world is swarming with erroneous Zen where the disciples have lousy
postures without strength, where they have not been told the correct
breathing, of dojos which stink formalism, clerics or brain masturbation,
where you are told Japanese stories or koan which have nothing to do with
man, with life, with the ``real thing''. Most people who are interested in
these false Zen have no intention to face up to their reality but in the
contrary to flee away from it, hiding themselves behind a new folklore.
On the opposite, to meet the authentic Zen is a very rare and precious
thing. If you are lucky enough to meet one day an authentic master who
transmit to you the real Zen, you would certainly be able to make the
difference yourself.
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Maître, croyez-vous que la voie du Zen soit le seul chemin qui conduit à la réalisation de soi ou à liberté spirituelle ? Car il existe à mon point de vue tant d'écoles, de disciplines qui prônent ce résultat ; et l'on dirait que je suis attiré par plusieurs disciplines et groupes à la fois. Merci Denis Blondeau

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