Hello Master Kosen

I wish to get the ordination of boddhisatva. If at first I thought of passing by the AZI (because it is the association that Master Deshimaru founded), we could think that it was legally the most logical.

Little which I saw over there quickly discouraged me.

I then plan to benefit of a stay in Japan to make me order "on the spot" and avoid the dôjô "made in France" (in order to go to the source and not to have to depend on any Frenchman).

Only I read some of your comments yesterday concerning the sotoshu in Japan. And I have to say that it disturbs me. I do not know this institution and I would frankly like to avoid "going through them" if according to what I was able to understand from your comments (very personal interpretation), this so called institution makes fun of Zen, contenting with trying to have the hand put on a spirituality which they do not need.

Could you tell me more about the sotoshu and if according to your knowledge all the temples Zen of Japan depend on it?

Thank you in advance for your answer for which I wait with a big interest.


Answer from Master Kosen

The churches of the religions which are demanded are always rotted, and they corrupted the true teaching. Each church claims to protect the dogma, but it is precisely the dogma what we want to get us rid of.

What has saved Zen and allowed its living aspect to continue alive still today, is the tradition of the teaching transmitted without interruption from Master to disciple up to date.

Those which were not likely to receive the transmission of a true patriarch finally turn to the church, to find a place and an authority there, but from a wooden ass, one will never make a racehorse.

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I would like to know why Master Kosen received the Shiho from the lineage of Master Niwa Zenji rather than from the lineage of Master Kodo Sawaki or Narita Shuyu Roshi ?

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