Why so little people practice and appreciate zazen when it can change the karma of mankind?

Answer from Master Kosen

We are born in a reality in phase with our evolution and our Karma, then, we meet opportunities to grow during our life. Zazen is one of them.


After ten or twenty years of practice, we realise that we are ready to live something else. But this something else exists only in our dreams and nobody's interested in it. I looks like the world has grown slower, in a less fundamental way, and has taken another direction.


However hard we try to make them understand, whatever expedient means we use, people do not believe that Nature is divine and that their own nature is divine. They don't have time and they're not interested. Society goes forward, fuelled by the inertia of the karma we got when we were born.


The buddhist great vehicle aims at saving all beings: don't you see it's impossible to save ourselves on our own? What is to be done?


It's a koan as used to say Master Deshimaru.


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How can he smile so happy? Do not compare him to the others; His social manners are not from this world His happiness comes from his own nature.


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