Dear Mr. Zenmaster,
I have a problem seeing the diffrence between killing trees,
animals and humans. What is your opinion?

Answer from Master Kosen

Fundammentally, killing life is killing life, whether it
is a tree, an animal or a human being.
But we cannot stay only in the fundamental.
It is certain that what makes a difference between human being
and animals or trees, that is its consciousness of being.
In this sense, it is said that killing a Buddha is the worst.
Nevertheless, if we start to judge about preciousness of
existences as a function of their consciousness of being,
we will quickly enter a new form of racism.
A short while ago, one thought that killing black people or
indians was not so important.
Now, one kills millions of cows in Europe because
of money, one cuts millions of trees in Amazonie, because of
money, may be later we will realize of the preciousness of life
in general

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