I am not sure on How is the correct order of movements after you enter Dojo
to practice zazen. Nobody talks about that and I see some monks doing nothing,
others making gasho to the center and then to the wall, others to the safu, then
to the center, others to the Godo then to the wall. As I am learning by
following their example, I ended up doing as I feel.
May be this is not important at all, as I saw nothing written
about it. But if it is, would You talk about how to behave
from the Dojo entrance up to the moment one sits?

Answer from Master Kosen

You enter the dojo with the left foot, except for the master who has
generally to enter with the right foot. You bow to the altar and at the same
time to the assembly of people that came to participate to the zazen in
all purity, just as you.
You go to your place always turning clockwise behind the altar. You say
goodbye to yourself - or hello, it depends on the aspect on which you see it -,
by bowing to the place of your zafu, and you bow again to the other practionners,
promising them silently not to disturb them, as far as it is possible.
And you sit down trying the best to put your clothes in order. When it is
done, you sit upright, you breathe out deeply and then you sway seven times
from left to right with smaller and smaller amplitude till you reach immobility.
( This swaying is always done with the thumbs folded, the palms up on the
knees.) Then you put the left hand in the right hand, you straighten up again
and you begin zazen.
* Retour: Kosen online

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