Dear Kosen, I'm from Brazil! That does not prevent me from loving you! Yes, this is strange! I'm male and I can asure you: heterosexual! This love has not to do with sex. . . just to make things clear!But when I watch your videos. . . see your smile and the beauty of your words. . . I can't avoid this feeling of love. . . maybe give you some flowers. . . ask to clean your shoes. . . to do something to demonstrate the happiness and blissfulness to be with you. . . in person or just through videos and writings. You are a great teacher of life in itself, even as you are in zen Master clothes. Yes, because the beauty of your natural way and behavior are beyond Zen. But I love Zen. The zen of Sawaki, Deshimaru and Thibout. So I love the truth itself.I can afford to go to France and will go in the first opportunity. . . maybe in Argentina when you come to South America. My country has so much potencial for you here. I know this.My dear Kosen, please, receive my love, gratitude and respect. Believe me, they are sincere and from my heart. I hope you accept and understand these lines. . . I felt this tremendous energy of love that made write this. I've never told or wrote to any man saying I love him. Because I never had the will to do it. This is a strange world. Your disciple (some day, i'm sure)  Marcio

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When the monk Kosen awakens Stéphane the man.

Dear Stéphane, You said while answering somebody that it is Stéphane the man who is more important than the monk Kosen because it is him whom must wake up. My question is as follows: when the monk Kosen awakens Stéphane the man, is it then that Master Kosen appears?? Friendly, Laurent

a zen-student should have a teacher

dear kosen roshiyou say in your book revolution aus der stille-that a zen-student should have a teacher.i do satsen since 7 years now and did meet yakusho kwong roshi and baker roshi ,and that was very good to practice even more-but in a way i know that i have to do everything by myself-sit,go and work-just to sit seems enough-although there ...

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