My partner has extra-marital sex with several persons with whom he makes love including at home when I'm out. We don't speak of this openly. I feel like being abandoned. It hurts me. What can I do?

Answer from Master Kosen

I understand that pulsions may be strong when you're young. Desire is one thing, loving one's little wife is another. But he must realize the value of your relationship and make sacrifices for it, to show how much he values it. Love, real love, requires making sacrifices for it. If, to him, indulging in lust is more important than your relationship, he must state this clearly and choose to leave you. In that case, you are not looking for the same kind of relationship.Kosen

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Hello Master Kosen, I got question that bothers me very much and I'm somehow blocked because of it. I did bad things Im ashamed of. Bad things I mean it is in relation to girls, relationships, my lust, desires, foolishness. My ex-girl recently broke up with me because of my mistakes I made - and Im in deep despair. Is fact that she broke ...

Homosexual couple.

I'm homosexual and living with somebody for 5 years already, we have plans for the future, including artificial insemination. I'd like to know what this is all about for you and what you think about such things

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