Master Kosen's sangha is present into several countries, especially in Europe and South America. You'll find below a list of dojos where you can practice zazen and follow the authentic teaching of zen.

Master Kosen teaches zazen in the dojo of Montpellier.

Kosen sangha's zen temples

Citysort ascending Country
Yujo Nyusanji zen temple Rosis FRANCE
Shobogenji zen temple Capilla del Monte, Córdoba. ARGENTINA

All Zen dojos

Citysort ascending Country
Hamburg zen dojo Hamburg, GERMANY
Grande Terre  zen dojo Grande Terre GUADELUP
zen dojo Göteborg Goteborg SWEDEN
Geneva zen dojo Geneva SUIZERLAND
Dole zen dojo Dole FRANCE
Dijon zen dojo Dijon FRANCE
Dojo zen of Die Die FRANCE
Cordoba Center zen dojo Córdoba Capital ARGENTINA
Córdoba zen dojo Córdoba ARGENTINA
Contact Montargis Conflans sur Loing FRANCE
Comodoro zen group Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut ARGENTINA
Florida zen dojo Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
Buenos Aires zen dojo BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA
Budapest zen dojo Budapest HUNGARY

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Zen meditation : retreats

Next sesshin : from 18 June 2020 to 21 June 2020 - Information and registration to this zen retreat

Clear mirror of the free mind in all reflections Full light of the vacuum in each grain of universe To the ten thousands shadows of the exuberating multitude A pearl irradiates in the forgetting of space

Yoka Daishi

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Questions to zen Master Kosen

Boddidharma, buddhist monk

Master Kosen

Follow his teachings in the Montpellier Zen dojo and in the great sesshins at Yujo Nyusanji zen temple


Listen to and download last teachings (in french) of Master Kosen in Montpellier's dojo