The Caballito zen dojo is an authentic and traditional Zen dojo dedicated to the daily practice of Zen.

The responsible has received monk or nun ordination, and practice the main sesshins within the Kosen Sangha.

The dojo welcomes anybody wishing to discover the practice of zazen, in the spirit transmitted by Master Deshimaru.

On the days and times shown below, the Dojo is opened for the practice of Zazen. Zazen lasts around an hour and a half. We ask you to arrive 10 minutes in advance to prepare yourself for Zazen.

Monday  19:00
Wednesday07:00 19:00
Thursday07:00 19:00
Friday  19:00

Iniciation to the practice: it is necessary to arrive half an hour before the time scheduled. Please wear confortable clothing. Dark colours are preferable. Arrive on time. 

The dojo is closed during national sesshins.  

Address : Hidalgo 54 (1405) BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA

By bus: 5 - 2 - 88 - 85 - 25- 42 - 49 - 96 - 135 - 132 - 1 - 55 - 8 - 141- 36 - 84 - 181

By traIn: Line Sarmiento, CABALLITO station

By underground train: Line A, ACOYTE station

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Address : Hidalgo 54 (1405) BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA

Tel. : (054) 011 4901 8917

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The monk without homeDiscover the inalienable life Which is without going and coming, That is the practice of the Way. Then you will reach the true vision And your ego will not be a transitory self But an eternal self. As long as we do not wake up to that, It is useless to be born in this world.

Kodo Sawaki

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