The Dijon zen dojo is an authentic and traditional Zen dojo dedicated to the daily practice of Zen.

The responsible has received monk or nun ordination, and practice the main sesshins within the Kosen Sangha.

The dojo welcomes anybody wishing to discover the practice of zazen, in the spirit transmitted by Master Deshimaru.

Maître Jomon Julien

Zen Teaching

This dojo is directed by Master Jomon Julien

Nonne zen depuis 1984, Françoise " Jomon " Julien est la fondatrice et responsable du Dojo Zen de Dijon.

Aujourd'hui disciple de Maître Kosen, elle a débuté la pratique en 1979 avec Maître Deshimaru dont elle a reçu l'ordination de bodhisattva. 

On the days and times shown below, the Dojo is opened for the practice of Zazen. Zazen lasts around an hour and a half. We ask you to arrive 10 minutes in advance to prepare yourself for Zazen.

Tuesday  19:00
Wednesday07:00 18:00
Thursday  19:00

Beginners' course in the practice of Zazen

The beginners' course takes place each Monday, 10:00

During the beginners' course, you will be shown the different sorts of meditation exercises which are traditionally practiced in an authentic Zen Dojo : Zazen, Kin-Hin, Sampaï, Gassho.

You will be assisted in the practice of these various exercises by zen monks or advanced practitioners. You will also learn about proper behaviour and attitude in a Dojo during meditation.

The course lasts 45 minutes and is followed by a 1 hour Zazen. This is free of charge. No need to register in advance. Just dress in loose fitting, dark clothes.

In the center of Dijon, You can discover and deepen the practice of zazen. Whether you are experienced, beginner,  you are all welcome. The dojo is open for all those who seek to give a higher dimension to their life, through the practice of zazen.


Address : 15 rue Charles Poisot 21000 Dijon FRANCE

Address : 15 rue Charles Poisot 21000 Dijon FRANCE

Tel. : 06 68 26 14 83

Website : Dijon zen dojo

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dojo zen de DijonPratique de zazen au dojo zen de DijonDojo zen de Dijon : l'autelDojo zen de Dijon. Autel et kesas

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In ku there is no matter, no perception, no feeling, no action and no consciousness There is no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no thought. There is no knowledge, no ignorance, no illusion, no cessation of illusion There is no birth, no death, no suffering, no cessation of suffering. There is no profit, no loss.


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