In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

What would be the action in a zen society ?

Good morning! I am not especially interested by money or power on the other people; I have no political vocation - anyway, money is in process to win; I know that I will die one day - tomorrow or later, and I try to love the ones I love without succeeding in it the way I would like to (well, a bit like everybody I guess). If I tell you all ...

I would like to somehow get started in learning and studing Zen

Dear sir:I live in Las Cruces NM and have been interested in Zen for some time, but because I live in such a small city I have no access to groups teaching Zen. I would like to somehow get started in learning and studing Zen, but at this time all I have to go by are books...and of course e-mail.I hope I'm not misusing your on line question home ...

How useful is it to work with a koan anyway?

This questions asks about how to work with koans. How useful is it to work with a koan anyway?How useful is it to work with a koan and not having the chance, not the possibility to spend more time for meditation than getting upearly every morning for zazen resp. to participate at one or two sesshins a year?How can I get any kind of feedback when...


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Authentic reality, vulgarity are only words in a dream, Buddha and living beings, random forms, When you are here, bring back your light towards the inside. Enlighten the surroundings. Open your hands and refuse nothing.

Fuyo Dokai

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