In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

5) Can one practise and yet develop social and human experiences?

I admire you to have known how to create a community, even if you did not want it, even if your believers came like the butterflies attracted by flame. I admire you even more if you wanted it. But, I ask it to you, this community life, this life where everything is to be experimented, but within the community, how to know that it is not a life ...

Story of life or dream?

Good morning Master, I am twelve years old, I read Lobstang Rampa. Fourteen years I am afraid of the ghosts I have never seen. Sixteen years I become initiated to yoga. Seventeen years I go on the roads looking for the trail of my life. Twenty seven years I find a way. Thirty years I make the wish looking at a shooting start that my eyes could ...

Zen and religion

My wife is a Christian who is having a difficult time acceptingmy zazen. I have informed her that Zen and religion are two differentthings, but she thinks I'm in some kind of cult or something. I'd liketo share what I've learned with my children, but I believe she will notallow this. What do you think about this situation? She's really a ...

Zen and social life

a question??in fact i need advice...whenever i care about what people from...Iget my head kicked bullied/mobbedon the other hand...when i ignore the people around not care what they do or say and think to life is too short to care about you/life is too big to hear to your meaning on my behaviourall ...


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Like in a mirror Form and reflection look at each other You are not the reflection But the reflection is yourself


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