A personal conflict? Surely.

My work is centered on exchange and communication, to guide the customers towards the best decision in their immediate future. Well, I see it like that. And I obtain some good results.

Speaking clearly: I work with the french employment agency.

But at the proper time to communicate the logic of my actions to those who must dictate the contents of what was said (who must approve my actions)... that does not happen.

Eh Well... it is because I do not speak clearly. And I know it (babaie, mixture of contents, white of ideas in my reasoning...) But the applicants for work understand me and act in consequence! It is incredible. Why is there this difference between the word of the action and the word of the theory?

Answer from Master Kosen

Listen, it is alright of yourself to see that you have gaps and to want to improve yourself. To have clear ideas and to know to express them, that you learn it and to learn it is fascinating and enriching, it opens new doors on new potentialities and releases in you blocked or simply disordered energies.
Work on this point, you will certainly never regret it. Since you are with the employment agency, find a training course to learn how to express your ideas clearly, speak about it to your superiors and express them your desire to improve yourself in order to give the maximum of your undeniable potential in your work.

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I just don't know

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Smoking in the dining hall and in the dormitories

I've participated to a sesshin that you led at the temple, and that I appreciated for the most part. However, I'm disturbed by the following: why do you allow people to smoke in the dining hall and in the dormitories? Isn't this a manifestation of the ego which is stronger than respecting rules that apply in public areas?

Re-harmonize a situation of conflict.

I would like to know how to re-harmonize a situation of conflict with another person, to be more specific I live with someone and in my house we are two people and have little to say that this person is not very easy to live with, I am aware that naturally I participate with this problem because of my personality. What's more, it is not possible...

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