thank you for your kind words of common sense, i am a christian but feel
so much sadness when i enter my church, it no longer gives me comfort,
in fact it makes me cry, so im searching.... what for i dont know, where
do i find the conentment and humility that you seem to have where do i
start, i want to know more

Answer from Master Keisen

Dear Lynda,

I would guess for you in the practice of the prayer. There are many
forms of prayers, in zen we pray with our body and mind. Try to bring
God inside yourself. I had discussed in Hungary with chiefs of
monasteres from the Benedictan order and they were saying that their
practice (some practice zazen too) had as result to feel God inside
their heart.
Going to church may not be sufficient, it stays somehow a bit of an
external move. God inside you, church inside you as your home, will give
you the compassion for yoursef that you may need. The practice of
prayer, every day, even somehow continuous like a friend inside you,
should bring a great calm and benefic energy inside your soul and you
will be satisfied, I hope. Your life can then become entirely a prayer.
If life becomes Bouddha or God, then these feelings of being useless and
lost will disappear and you will feel happy.

What is life anyway without a solid spiritual or religious practice,
without it it sounds a bit absurd and this feeling makes us sorrow, like
if something was missing. Also inside this religious practice you will
find back your parents, inside your heart and they will help you also,
because you will make them part of yourself.

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