In Zen practice, a Mondo is a dialogue between a disciple and his master.

I cannot stop myself to sleep in the first part of zazen. How shall I do?

Je pratique zazen depuis deux ans au dojo de Paris, et mon problème est le suivant, je ne peux m'empêcher de dormir pendant la première partie qui précède kinin, alors que j'arrive bien à me concentrer sur la posture pendant la deuxième partie de zazen; je pratique surtout en semaine après le boulot.Comment faire pour remédier à cette ...

I wonder if liberation is only a nice word in zen books

I sit nearly everyday counting breath; I offered my room for zazen for now over 4 years , to attract other people to sit together with me, but people come and go noone stays, I feel alone and apart from a group of other people on the zen path,i failed to establish a local sangha; I only sit there facing the wall and nothing happens beside pain ...

Is there an environment which is best for zazen?

Hello, I am student in architecture at the University of Idaho. I am doing a research about meditation. What interests me, is the type of environment that is appropriate particularly for the practice of zazen. I would like that you give me comments on this subject, or recommendations of specific books which deal with this particular problem. ...

What to do with the pain during zazen?

What to do when almost every time we sit in zazen we feel spasms in the back, the shoulder blades etc.... Would the attitude a bit martial and rigid of the posture such as one teaches it in Zen be in question? And the pain, nobody speaks about it about the pain, nevertheless it is there, even if we observe it, it invades then all the landscape,...

Is there anything to expect from the practice or not?

Is it fair to say that when you tell people not to expect anything from Zen practice, this is to prevent the destructive effects of anticipation and expectation? Surely, once this is achieved there is some real benefit, though I can understand that perhaps you see it as futile, or counterproductive to express this real benefit to people in any ...

Does Zen increase concentration powers?

Namaste,I have been curious about Zen for some timeabout 6 months and have been reading a lot about it. Ihave not started practicing yet.My question is since Zen meditation is stopping of thethought would it facilitate concentrated thinking whenwilled by the person practicing zazen ?in other words does it increase concentration powers ...


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