Isn't to practise zazen here and now (in my case, it is in Europe in XXI century), to also do without certain number of things which concern a heritage resulting from another culture and not from Zen, such as clothing, objects, a language? Why does the European practise borrow so much from the Japanese folklore? Why are so many of the terms used Japanese terms and not their translation in English? All these things well unnecessarily seem to me to complicate the access to the practice. For certain people, it even seems to me that this folklore diverts some. What do you think about it?

Bye the way (also anecdotic ;-)), I appreciate much about Zen that its wisdom does not lack the humour. It is your case in your answers.

Thank very much.

Answer from Master Kosen

I believe Master Deshimaru bequeathed us just what it is necessary for ceremonies, Japanese words and indications on this subject so that one can deepen them all our life. They are accessible and adaptable to all and in all the countries and are always in specific frequency with the zazen itself. This teaching is perfect and exactly proportioned; it is the true universal dharma.
Simply one should not fall into the routine and the habit, but fill up each behaviour with the power of the spirit.

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